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IceFall 1 .v1.0

IceFall 1 .v1.0

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IceFall 1 .v1.0
Description: Use 1,2,3,4,5 Or Up, Down, Right, Left, OK keys to select the fire to clear the ice stone ahead, then you can help Jim to go through the ice clog one by one. 1,2,3,4 or Up, Down, Right, Left keys will let Jim send out a kind of fire shown on the right top of the screen. Each fire can destroy the nearest ice stone by the same color. If the fire hit on the ice stone of different color, there will increase an ice stone in the ice clog. If you have destroyed enough number of ice stones, a purple fire will appear on the right top of the screen, then you can press OK key or 5 key to send out the big fire, the fire will destroy all the ice stones on the bottom.

Tested on N70.

Compatible with most of nokia 60 series
Keywords: Classic, Games, S60
Date: 01.08.2007 23:29
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