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Date: 25.07.2007 16:35
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The other day,i read wow tips online,lol.I really like that she's laid out rules in a simple, logical manner that benefit everyone who read and follow them.
As is my way, I've spent a number of long hours (months actually) trading Power Leveling favors with friends and thinking about all the parts of the run that make it fast, successful and fun as well as death-free for everyone.
One day I should actually keep track of how many hours go into the development of each of my guides, just for my own knowledge. I know it's definitely over 40 hours for these Dungeon Series guides, and that's not counting all of the research time that went into it all, either.
As a fairly well-geared 80, I get lots of requests from lowbies to run them through various dungeons. Although we warlocks are heavy damage-dealers, we do not have many instant-cast spells, and so lowbies who do not follow instructions find themselves dead in quick order.
The Secrets to Dungeon Power Leveling helps me lay out rules to the lowbie so that things move along as quickly as possible with minimal trouble - and for the lowbie, following this guide will keep them alive much longer."
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26.07.2011 03:04 Offline tupiang

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