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Description: 3gpMobile is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that enables you to convert your digital video to 3GPP (*.3gp) or 3GPP2 (*.3g2) format for use on mobile devices, such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), and other 3G network mobile devices that use GSM or CDMA network protocols.

3gpMobile accepts the following popular digital video formats as input:
* Audio Video Interleave (*.avi)
* Advanced Systems Format (*.asf)
* Windows Media Video (*.wmv)
* QuickTime Movie (*.mov)
* Moving Picture Experts Group (*.mp4, *.mpg, *.mpeg)

3gpMobile will then output the digital video in either 3GPP (*.3gp) or 3GPP2 (*.3g2) format following the conversion parameters that you specify, such as the audio and video sample rate and video resolution. 3gpMobile also offers some unique features. Upon specifying the input file, you can customize the clip's starting and ending point, allowing you to convert only the parts of the clip that you want. You can also preview the clip segment based on the start and end points that you set, ensuring that you are satisfied with the clip segment (starting point, ending point and duration) before you begin the conversion process. You can even specify that 3gpMobile should split a large video file into multiple, smaller files of a given size, enabling you to break up large video clips into smaller, more easily managed files.
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Date: 02.01.2008 01:28
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